Novel artificial intelligence (AI) approaches for personalised medicine

Introducing a multinational harmonized data platform to develop and implement novel AI approaches for management of complex diseases, where progression and manifestations of comorbidities are via multiple interacting pathways. Working towards a personalized AI approach to complex diseases capable of predicting the risks of comorbidities developing or worsening.

Our first goal is to apply our novel approach first to atrial fibrillation (AF) treatment, moving from a focus on individual risk factors and selected outcomes to a more holistic and integrated approach considering existing or emergent comorbidities.

A doctor and a patient viewing a high tech display together

Enhancing Complex Disease Management

Artificial intelligence solutions (AIs) are increasingly used in clinical practice to detect or predict states or events and improve patient outcomes, however, the application of AIs to guide patient management is sparsely explored. ARISTOTELES aims to advance the treatment of complex diseases through the development, validation and application of AI tools for personalised risk stratification.


ARISTOTELES aims to facilitate the engagement of patients, their families and caregivers using AI to adequately monitor symptoms, seek appropriate care and adopt lifestyle changes.


ARISTOTELES’ approach will include an innovative use of AI as a ‘front-end use’ to support physicians for the management of patients with complex diseases and those at risk for developing comorbidities.


Starting from a first application to AF treatment ARISTOTELES’ approach is designed to be extendable to other diseases characterised by the association with multiple comorbidities.

A workplan that involves stakeholders

ARISTOTELES’ goal is to develop and implement novel AIs for better management of complex diseases while ensuring the involvement of end-users in all phases of AI development. The project will assess stakeholders’ understanding and barriers in implementing trustworthy AI in healthcare, utilizing initiatives such as:

Online surveys and discussion workshops

The project will conduct online surveys and discussion workshops across to explore stakeholder perspectives on AI in healthcare. Tailored surveys will be submitted to patients, the public, HCPs and commissioners. The goal is to foster inclusive dialogue and analyse emergent data to identify potential gaps in understanding AI implementation dynamics

Co-creation of the AI-tool interfaces

To ensure stakeholders’ involvement in the design and development of the AI tool a co-creation group will be established.

The co-creation of the AI tool includes three phases:

  1. co-design: participants will critically explore current challenges of using AI-tools for clinical decision-making, utilizing information from the online surveys and discussion groups to explore the potential of AI solutions for healthcare
  2. co-development: together with software designers will develop AI tools which are fit-for-purpose and have a health equity focus
  3. co-customisation: participants will iteratively test prototypes of the AI tool, employing a shared prioritisation process to select the ‘best’ ideas