Project ARISTOTELES sets the stage for innovative breakthroughs at upcoming kick-off meeting

Funded under the “Cluster 1: Health” of the Horizon Europe programme, the project is being carried out by a multidisciplinary consortium of 18 partners from 10 countries from both academic and industrial sectors to implement novel artificial intelligence (AI) approaches for the management of complex diseases. The international multidisciplinary consortium gathers researchers and clinicians from across Europe representing all research fields essential for the success of this project: clinical research, medical sciences, data science, psychological sciences, social sciences and the humanities.  

ARISTOTELES core objective is to harness the potential of AI as a trustworthy tool for predicting the risk and progression of chronic non-communicable diseases. This ambitious initiative revolves around the development of a multinational harmonized data platform, integrating novel AI approaches to manage diseases where comorbidities evolve through intricate pathways. These tools, with an initial focus on atrial fibrillation (AF) treatment, aim to provide more personalized risk assessment and management strategies, emphasizing a proactive and patient-centric approach to healthcare. 

The kick-off meeting will be a great opportunity to meet all 18 partners and have a common understanding of the tasks and roles of everyone in the project. Moreover, partners will present the work packages and milestones to achieve for the next 5 years and discuss some key managerial and financial issues. But the kick-off meeting is more than a formality; it is a fundamental event that will not only bring clarity and alignment to the collective efforts but also foster a spirit of collaboration that will serve as the cornerstone of the project's success.

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