ARISTOTELES Coordinator Showcases Project at Future of Cardiology Conference

  • 30 April 2024

Professor Giuseppe Boriani of UNIMORE, coordinator of the ARISTOTELES project, took part in the 2nd Conference on Cardiology - Cardiology of the Future, held on 5-6 April 2024 in Bologna.

During his presentation, Professor Boriani illustrated the ARISTOTELES project, outlining its main objective, which is to build a multinational, harmonized data platform that will serve as a basis for the development and implementation of new artificial intelligence (AI) approaches for the management of complex diseases.

Professor Boriani also emphasized that ARISTOTELES aims to develop and validate new reliable artificial intelligence tools for more personalized risk assessment and management. Tools that will allow doctors to personalize treatments for patients, thus improving the effectiveness of therapies and reducing the associated risks.

The conference has been a valuable opportunity to share knowledge and discuss the future challenges of cardiology, and Professor Boriani's speech succeeded in arousing great interest among the participants, underlining the importance of international collaboration and technological innovation in modern cardiology.