Partner Information

  • Partner Full Name: UNIVERSITETET I OSLO
  • Partner Short Name: UiO
  • Country: Norway
  • Website: http://www.uio.no/

University of Oslo (UiO) is a leading European university that moves the boundaries of knowledge promoting independent, pioneering and long-term research. As a research-intensive comprehensive university, UiO has ideal conditions for establishing strong interdisciplinary research environments. UiO aims to contribute to the development of knowledge and new solutions for a sustainable world by participating at the frontier of international research and contributing to solving major global challenges. The university’s commitment translates into its assiduous participation in multiple funding frameworks, UiO has partnered in 273 Horizon 2020 projects and is currently partnering in 169 Horizon Europe projects.

UiO is home to the Centre for Medical Ethics, the largest medical ethics centre in the Nordic region, with active research programs in research ethics, AI ethics, and ethical and legal issues concerning the use of health data for research.


In ARISTOTELES University of Oslo will lead WP2 providing the ethical and legal requirements for the development of a trustworthy AI from its ideation to its clinical implementation. UiO will develop effective strategies to ensure that the data collection, analysis and storage are compliant with the current regulation and are fully acceptable to stakeholders, involved target groups, patients.