Partner Information

  • Partner Full Name: PANEPISTIMIO KRITIS
  • Partner Short Name: UoC
  • Country: Greece
  • Website:

The University of Crete (UoC), situated in Rethymno and Heraklion, Greece, is a research-focused institution known for its diverse academic disciplines. Renowned as one of Greece's premier universities, UoC is a public institution operating under state supervision, relying on government funding for its educational and research endeavours. Despite its relative youth, the University of Crete actively engages in the European integration process, functioning as an essential member of the European Research and Education Areas. Actively participating in European Union initiatives like ERASMUS, LINGUA, and TEMPUS, UoC fosters collaborations with Mediterranean and Eastern European nations, demonstrating its commitment to international cooperation.

The present work will be carried out at the Department of School of Medicine, Clinic of Social and Family Medicine.  The referent of the project is Professor Christos Lionis, Head of the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine.