Partner Information

  • Partner Short Name: LJMU
  • Country: United Kindom
  • Website:

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is a distinctive institution, rooted in the Liverpool City Region but with a global presence. Founded as a small mechanics institution (Liverpool Mechanics' School of Arts) in 1823, the institution grew over the centuries by converging and amalgamating with different colleges The Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) generates more than half of the total research and industrial income for the University.

LJMU leads the Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG), which is a highly interdisciplinary group with combined expertise from across LJMU, and closely links with LCCS at UoL. The MLRG has over 25 years of experience in machine learning (ML) research and recently has taken a leadership role in methodology for interpretable ML. LJMU has led the multi-disciplinary collaborative work on Transformational Machine Learning, a new branch of ML aimed at dealing with multiple related prediction problems, which is essential for the development of multi-morbidity risk prediction models. LJMU is also a leader in developing explainable AI algorithms and will bring to ARISTOTELES the Partial Response Networks, which are a family of interpretable by-design ML algorithms that can explain the logic behind the decisions made by any ML model.


In ARISTOTELES LJMU will lead WP5 for the development of AI algorithms and tools for individualised risk prediction, LJMU will be also involved in WP3.