Partner Information

Cegedim Health Data (GERS SAS), operating for over 13 years and headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt (92100), specializes in providing Real World Data and Evidence to drive improvements in patient outcomes. The company assists healthcare clients by delivering databases and innovative solutions, enhancing their business and medical operations. With a data history spanning over 24 years and access to millions of anonymized Electronic Health Records from our THIN (The Health Improvement Network) European database, GERS SARS is a trusted partner for RWD Evidence and Services, collaborating with over 25 pharmaceutical companies.

Cegedim's proprietary data is widely utilized by prominent health authorities, academics, pharmaceutical firms, and research organizations for healthcare research and analysis. The THIN database has contributed to the publication of approximately 2,000 scientific papers, showcasing the valuable insights derived from our evidence.

Researchers from the Department GERS SAS will oversee the administration, data analysis, and GCP monitoring for the ARISTOTELES project